Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green Lemonade and Green Smoothie Goodness

These are three recipes I make on a regular basis and really love! I have the vegetable juice every morning however the smoothies are a great alternative. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Green Lemonade

-1/2 head of celery
-1/2 cucumber
-1 handful to 3 cups of spinach (any greens will work)
-1 lemon, rind removed
-1 green apple (optional)

Although there are many different types of juicers, this order will work well for all of them to get the most juice out of your vegetables.

First juice the spinach, followed by a few stalks of celery. Then add in the lemon, and cucumber, using celery in between to help things continue to move through the juicer. Finally add in the apple and drink up!

Green Smoothie (Fruity)

-1 to 3 cups greens (spinach is the most mild and makes the smoothie silky)
-1 banana
-1 fresh mango - diced
-1/2 cup water - more or less for desired thickness

Place the greens in the blender first along with the water and then add the banana and mango on top. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Green Superfood Smoothie

This recipe is adapted from Raw Model and is so addictively delicious!

-2 cups milk of choice (raw dairy, almond, hemp, coconut etc) I prefer almond or hemp here
-2-3 cups of greens - spinach, kale, watercress, mizuna
-1-3 tbsp bee pollen - local if you can find it!
-1 - 2 tbsp raw honey - to taste depending on how bitter the greens are

Blend greens, milk and honey until smooth then add in Bee pollen and blend lightly.  Enjoy!

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