Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've joined as an editor of the LFFC CSA recipe blog and thought I'd post a quick intro to say Hi and encourage readers to participate.

Getting weekly fresh food has been a revolution in my diet. I really love to cook - eating is seriously sometimes an afterthought. Growing up for a dozen years in Asia means that I'm probably most comfortable with the Asian techniques and spices but I'm probably more pan-vegetarian now than any region. I like to learn and keep trying to hone my technique. I don't cook for a living but do fantasize about a second career supporting myself and my family cooking for small restaurant or with interesting catering gigs. Having new fresh vegetables and fruits have kept the summer fun for me. I live in Washington, DC with my dear wife and our 2 year old adventurous eater daughter.

Keep your recipes coming to Kathan please and we'll be posting them up as quickly as we can. If you have any stories behind the recipes it would be fun to hear. Are any of these inspired by dishes you've had as a child? While traveling?

Looking forward to sharing recipes and stories with you this summer.

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