Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jalapeno Sauce

I wonder what people are doing with the bounty of jalapenos from this week. I wanted to do something with them before they wilt or go bad. I've decided that the best thing is to preserve them by making a pepper sauce. This blender sauce recipe is so simple and takes 10 minutes. I can't really claim to "make it up" on my own since it's pretty obvious. The best thing is that you get the freshness of fresh peppers and the bite of vinegar without the thickeners and preservatives.

6-8 jalapenos
1 lg yellow onion
2-3 cups white vinegar to top
Salt to taste

Prep jalapenos by cutting the stems off, slicing down the center and wiping out the seeds. Cut the ends off a yellow onion and remove the paper. Roughly chop the peppers and the onion.

Take equal proportions from the chopped jalapenos and onions and add to the blender. Top with enough white vinegar to near the level of the ingredients. (The vinegar is only a carrier and having less vinegar keeps the finished sauce thicker.) After adding about 2 teaspoons of salt, blend until everything was reasonably uniform. Pour into a jar and continue to the rest of the ingredients.

I usually have about 3 cups of jalapeno sauce when I'm done. I use this sauce as a finishing on stir fries or as a condiment at the table. This separates a bit so it's good to shake before using. I've kept mine for 4-5 weeks as I'm finishing it and have never had any problem with it.

Tip: Wash hands thoroughly and vigorously including under fingernails after handling hot peppers. You'll want to wash your cutting surfaces and knife as well.

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