Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Easy Caramelized Onions

Easiest caramelized onions you'll ever make! And easily adaptable to whatever size slow cooker you have and how many onions you have on hand.

What you need:
3-5lbs yellow onions
1/2-1 stick butter

What you do:
Peel your onions, and slice into half moon shapes. You could probably leave them as full rings if you wanted to, but I found the half rings easier to manage.
Dump your sliced onions into the crock pot, and pack them in. I have a 6qt slow cooker, I had just over 4lbs of onions, and I could have easily fit 3-4 more onions on, but I was all out.
Put your stick of butter on top of the onions. For my 4lbs, I used 3/4 stick; use more if you want to, or cut it down to half a stick if you're using less or all that butter makes you squeamish.
Set your crock pot to low, and leave the lid slightly ajar. After 3-4 hours, give the onions a good stir, put the lid on tight, and allow to cook for another 8-9 hours.
Pack onions into mason jars; these will last in your fridge for darn near forever if you don't eat them all first! My 4-ish lbs gave me just under 1.5 quarts caramelized onions, loosely packed.

I can't wait to make a grilled cheese sandwich and add a layer of these caramelized onions in the middle!

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